You can write adult fan fiction on multiple websites, from AO3, to Wattpad, to Pinboard. But how can you find audiences for your writing? Read this article to find out how. Here are some tips for submitting your story. A: Find a niche. If you’re into anime, write about a particular character or setting. Whether you’re into fantasy or sci-fi, there’s a community for it.


For the most part, the content of Adult fan fiction AO3 is not rated PG-13. Some of it, however, may contain references to adult themes and be deemed to be inappropriate for young readers. It is also important to remember that fanfic is written for entertainment purposes only, and is not to be considered a “serious” work. In addition, the characters used in fanfiction are owned by Thomas Astruc.


Teenagers aren’t the only people creating adult fan fiction on Wattpad. More than 400 million works are uploaded to the site every day. There are countless stories of real people who were swept away by pop culture. Adult fan fictions about the pop stars have become popular in recent years, particularly with the popularity of One Direction. A popular story from Anna Todd, titled “After”, has ten million readers, and has since been changed to another boy band to avoid copyright issues. While Wattpad still houses original fiction, many administrators have become comfortable with the trend of creating fanfic on their site.

One example of a popular story originating on Wattpad is “After.” This adult fan fiction has been read more than 1.9 billion times. It has also been turned into a book series and even a film! The story centers on a young woman named Tessa Young and her mysterious, rude, and attractive new love interest, Harry. In After, Tessa discovers the twisted truths about her own sexuality, and how it affects her relationship with her newfound love, Harry.


If you like to read fanfiction, you should check out Quotev. It is a social networking site with millions of users who are passionate about different subjects. You can also find articles and stories in various categories. It also offers a variety of quizzes, games, and forums. The genres range from action to romance. You can also create your own stories and quizzes, and even take them. The quotes section on Quotev is also full of articles and stories from different genres.

You can post original works, or submit fics to various publications. You can even make your own quizzes and stories on the website! As long as you are mature, you can share your stories with other Quotevians. However, you should be aware that this website has strict rules about the content of stories. QuoteV does not allow explicit themes, so adult themes and violent content aren’t permitted. However, there are a lot of fics on the site, so there are plenty of places to share your stories and quizzes.


If you are looking for a place to read erotica, you should consider joining a community such as Pinboard, an online platform for adult fan fiction. Founded in the early days of Usenet, fandom has amassed tools for creating, publishing, and consuming erotic stories. Some members of this community have even been subjected to ostracism for their hobby, but they have learned to work with the materials they have at hand to create a culture of respect and collaboration.

Shousetsu Bang Bang

While Shousetsu Bang*Bang was started as a text version of manga phonebooks, its popularity has grown to include more mature queer content. Each issue is typically between 1500 and 25,000 words long and features an intense romance. The spirit of the magazine encourages true love, despite the fact that the content is highly explicit. Shousetsu Bang*Bang was founded in 2005.

The webzine is looking for gay and lesbian stories with sex as a major theme. The characters are largely male, but the stories are not limited to that. The stories can be about anything, from hot cooking scenes to a man crush. There is even a “Shousetsu Bang*Bang adult fan fiction” category where readers can post any genre of adult fan fiction they’d like.